Fleischmann L.C. was born 72 years ago at the hands of the Electrical Engineer of Universidad Católica de Chile [Chile´s Catholic University], Alfredo Fleischmann Rouret, who in 1941 had the vision to develop a quality company, aimed at providing electrical assembly services to its customers and made up of professionals with a high degree of commitment to their projects.

During its early years, the company managed to trade with the most important construction companies in Chile, thus participating in flagship projects such as; Tunel Cristo Redentor [Cristo Redentor Tunnel], Lo Prado, El Instituto Bacteriologico [The Bacteriological Institute] and many more. historia

Due to the tremendous growth the company was showing, Alfredo Fleischmann´s children; Jorge, Alfredo and Cristian, became part of the company promoting and leading the field of design and electrical installations.

In the late nineties, Cristian and Alfredo left the company, leading to the incorporation of the Kantor Brucher family, who along with Jorge Fleischmann Cerda were actively involved in leading the company.

In 2007, Jorge Fleischmann Cerda went on to have full control of the company, and with a new look at long-term, generated an external directory and started the road to professional and international expansion.

On this way, in the year 2007 “Diar Ingenieros” [Diar Engineers], a Peruvian company with over 30 years of experience in Design and Electrical assembly was acquired. Then, with the objectives of ensuring comprehensive executions, extending the offer and providing added value to customers, the company created and launched the areas of structured cabling, control and security, and the “Mounting of HVAC Systems” division.

In 2010, thanks to the results obtained in Peru the company decided to take on a new challenge: the opening of a new subsidiary in Colombia, which after its second year in operation generated more than $15 million ($ USD) in contracts and more than 3,659,729 ft² of project implementation.

All of this history has allowed, in the present day, Fleischmann L.c. to have a presence in the overall development of projects in the areas of infrastructure and Public Works, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Industrial Clinics, Malls, Data Centers, Office buildings, Casinos and Hotels.

With offices in Chile, Peru and Colombia and 72 years after its founding, Fleischmann is currently developing over 50 works in parallel with about 21,527,820 ft² running and 70 MW in installation process, reaching nearly 2,000 people in its team.

Going forward, committed to the environment and in line with new trends and standards in sustainable building, Fleischmann has decided to innovate and compliment their offer,  orienting themselves to provide technological solutions in the installation of electricity, air conditioning, engineering, special projects and services (central control, communications, security, audiovisuals, maintenance, installation, and equipment and lighting). Allowing clients to access different levels of LEED certification (the United States Green Building Council, USGBC) in their projects.